The daily, weekly and monthly residential cleaning checklist is based on the services booked. All task are based on basic cleaning and all deep cleaning task are subjected to an additional rate.


Basic Cleaning

Basic cleaning to Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Living rooms. Deep Cleaning services can be added on at an additional rate.

Kitchen Spaces

· Blinds and Window Ledges  
· Kitchen Cabinets +$25
· Clean Stove Top & Stove Fan 
· Clean Microwave  
· Clean Countertops  
· Scrub & Clean Sinks    
· Empty Trash Can  
· Dust & Wipe Laundry Area  
· Vacuum Kitchen & Laundry Floors & Rugs 
· Mop Kitchen & Laundry Floors  
· Clean Entrance Glass Door  
· Fridge Cleaning +$25
· Oven Cleaning +$25
· Clean Windows Inside +$50 


· Dust Blinds, Window Ledges & Furniture in Bathrooms 
· Wipe Bathroom Cabinets 

· Scrub & Clean Sinks 
· Clean Countertops
· Clean Mirrors
· Scrub & Clean Toilets 
· Scrub & Clean Tubs 
· Scrub & Clean Showers 
· Empty Trash Can(s) 
· Vacuum Bathroom Floors & Rugs 
· Mop Bathroom Floors 
· Clean Windows Inside +$50


· Dust Blinds & Window Ledges/Base 
· Dust Furniture & Decorations, Clean Glass Table Tops 
· Empty trash in all bedrooms, living, and office spaces 
· Vacuum all carpet, and small rugs
· Clean Windows Inside +$25
· Vacuum Bathroom Floors & Rugs
· Mop Bathroom Floors 


· Remove all dust from high surfaces including ceilings, 

pipes, ducts, light fixtures, vents, etc

· Remove all dust from the smallest crevices, corners, 

window sills, frames and more

· Remove all stains

· Wash, wipe and scrub all baseboards, light switches, sockets and other fittings

· Dust, wipe and polish all furniture, including legs, underneath seats, wheels, etc

· Dust and wipe inside filing cabinets, desks and other furniture pieces

· Sanitize kitchen areas by scrubbing tiles, polishing fittings, wiping walls, 

mopping floors and disinfecting all work surfaces

· Sanitize bathroom areas by scrubbing tiles, polishing fittings, wiping walls, 

mopping floors and disinfecting all surfaces

· Clean, wax, buff and shine all floors

· Clean and polish all windows, inside and out, to remove dust, grime and 

all scraping and etching material

· Carry out any other cleaning work necessary to leave your premises ready to move into.

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning is also a good idea if you’re moving, preparing for the holidays or planning a special event. 

·Dust and vacuum


·Vent Covers

·Interior Windows

·Ceiling Fans

·Doors/Remove Smudges

·Interior Oven

·Mop Floors


·Scrub Grout

·Interior Refrigerator/Freezer

·Clean Garbage Cans


·Clean Dishwasher

·Shower Curtain



·Clean Cabinets/Drawers

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Non-Toxic Cleaning offers quality Basic & Deep cleaning with the use of environmentally safe products that are good for you, good for us and good for the planet.

We use a variety of different natural cleaning products that you can feel safe about being used in your home or office. Some of these include Seventh Generation, Method & Ever Spring cleaning products, vinegar and Bona (for hardwood floors). We are always testing new cleaning products as they appear on the market and welcome your suggestions if you have found one that you like.

Visit Environmental Working Group to find out if your cleaning products are verified environmentally friendly products.